Monday, October 11, 2010

Carl Paladino should be a supporter of gay marriage

Carl Paladino is another one of those strange right-wingnut extremists that have been cropping up giving us conservatives a bad name.

This time, the battleground is New York's gubernatorial race, pitting Paladino against Andrew Cuomo.

Now, I'm not saying that Paladino has been watching too many episodes of the Sopranos - for one thing, the guy looks more like Spike Milligan than Tony Soprano - but really, this guy sounds even nuttier than Sharron Angle merged with Rand Paul.

He's even threatened a reporter from the New York Times Post.  In public.  On video.

Think I'm making this shit up?  Watch:

Then of course there's Paladino's opinions on forcing women to essentially be raped a second time by the system if he has any say in it - he would force victims of rape or incest to carry any resulting child to term (familiar refrain of all these Christian Taliban, isn't it?), casually tossing any concerns aside with the one word "adoption".

Which brings me to the topic of this little diatribe tonight, why Carl Paladino should be a supporter of gay marriage.

See, those who are against gay marriage have been known to indicate how this would just be the first step on a slippery slope, leading to incest, bigamy, men wanting to marry their pets ... and this last part is why I would have thought Paladino would support gay marriage.

You see, this morality crusader (who has a 10 year old child out of wedlock, to put it in the vernacular), has in the past forwarded pornography to colleagues and others - that would be beastiality pornography.

Women having sex with horses, to be precise.

Since Paladino seems to have that on his list of interests so interesting he wants to share them with the world, he should be all in favor of gay marriage if it brings about laws legalizing woman-horse relationships, since then he'd only be on the hook for distributing pornography - not extreme pornography.

Now, I'm not saying that Carl Paladino is a beastiality lover, but come on, this philandering real estate bazillionaire pornography distributor who feels no shame at threatening a reporter in full public view is running for Governor of New York State?

And you thought Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell and Pat Robertson were half a brain short of intelligence!

Boys and girls, Carl Paladino should not be allowed to continue campaigning for Governor of New York State until he unequivocally explains his intentions with regards towards gay marriage and forced impregnation of women, by strangers, family members, or horses!

Don't delay, vote neigh!

Just sayin'

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