Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Comparative Candidates

So it's official - Christine O'Donnell is not a witch, according to her deservedly globally-panned campaign ad:

Well that just sucks!  We need more witches in Washington, DC - after all, the Wizards have been there for a while now and their performance has been somewhere down around "in the crapper" and "don't give up your day job").

And so, I vote we elect the following candidate for Senate.

Of course, back in the dark depths of history someone else is famous for saying "I am not a ..." ... Nixon was his name.  So maybe Saturday Night Live tells us what was really on O'Donnell's mind while she made her ad:

Now I'm not saying Christine O'Donnell is really a witch - not because I don't believe that she is or isn't, but I think it's the safest course of action when dealing with someone whose grasp of the Constitution and the First Amendment is quite as loose as hers:

Just sayin'

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