Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

OK, so I have a choice for this Sunday - go watch Danny Trejo in Machete, or go watch Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil: Afterlife.

It's not an easy decision.  I love both of the stars, both of whom (as far as I'm concerned) are woefully underestimated in their skills.

Resident Evil is a movie franchise I really like, although I never played the game.  Milla just rocks as Alice, the altered ass-kickin' heroine, and even though the plot tends to be kind of one dimensional (see zombie, kill zombie, rinse, repeat) there's a certain charm to the whole thing that keeps me going "ooooh".

Machete started life as a fake trailer for Robert Rodriguez' Grindhouse movie, but come on - it's Danny Trejo.  He has to be one of the most atavistic bastards on the planet!  I was sooooo pissed when they killed his character off so fast in Predators.  He deserves the title role, and Machete is a movie that he fits into perfectly.

So which one to watch is the question.  Both will make for an enjoyable afternoon's movie watching (and our local theater has some massive screens to watch either of them in).

But here's one kicker that might affect the decision - Resident Evil: Afterlife is billed as 3D.

Now I know that, after everyone saw the major success of Avatar, studios have jumped onto the 3D bandwagon again, but let's face it, their retooling of films into 3D has been atrocious so far (again!).  They seem to think adding in parallax effects, and slapping "3D" into the movie title somehow makes it a 3D movie, when it doesn't.

So I'm pretty sure Afterlife will be full of cheesy schlock homages to the bad 3D of a few decades ago, with things wavering in the picture to make you feel like it's aimed right at you - a far cry from the craftsmanship Cameron put into making the 3D of Avatar enhance the movie.

Decisions decisions.  Will Afterlife doing something cheesy just to play on the 3D thing disrupt me from the movie itself?  Is the anime/manga styled violence depicted in Machete the better choice?

I hate decisions.

Just sayin'

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