Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why do men have nipples?

Hey, before you start on me, the topic is not my fault! - blame David Johnson, a comment contributor on CNN's Faith blogs.

In a discussion there entitled God didn't create universe, Stephen Hawking argues, David posted this:
You said, "Why, you ask, would God create man, in His very own image"
I've wondered about something for awhile Sarah. Why would god create man with Nipples? It would make sense if we evolved, but god must have known, men weren't going to nurse. So why do men have nipples?

Unfortunately CNN's badword filters would likely stomp on my instinctual reply, and so I post it here instead:
Guys are perfectly capable of nursing, which is cool! Turnabout is fair play.  I bet guys would be a lot less interested in making babies if they knew 9 months later they might have to take turns feeding their offspring instead of rolling over and letting their wife do all the hard work.
Not to mention they'd look really neat in nursing bras.
The alternative might be you were just given an option if you're really narcissistic and have an uncontrolled boob fetish. 
Didn't someone say God must have a sense of humor? :)
Just sayin' :)

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