Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jealous much?

For some reason, people seem to think that when they have no leg to stand on to argue with someone on an intellectual level, and resort to name calling, that it's OK to try and dismiss someone just because of their disability.

Case in point, these remarks about Stephen Hawking's recent theory that God wasn't necessarily involved in the creation of the universe:

If Stephen is smart enough to figure out how the world was created, why can't he cure his own medical condition?
In the midst of incontrovertible evidence that man has—somewhere, sometime, somehow—grossly erred, this ingrate freak finally overthrows the role of a functioning brain, the one surviving human tool in this birth, and the only thing that has allowed same access to the public eye. Without the existence of God’s mercy, society could not have tolerated even the appearance of this mockery of humankind; and now the repulsive lump has rewarded ignorant evil for even that good.
Looking at Stephen Hawking in the condition he is in, I think that he could either not believe in a God who would let him be in such a state. Or he could look at his being alive and having such a brilliant mind as being a gift from God. I believe in God and evolution. And I believe they go hand in hand. But that's just my belief. If Stephen Hawking doesn't want to believe in God, that's his business. Being a Christian, I'd like everyone to come to know God and love Him. But I don't cram that down people's throats. It would be nice if everyone would just respect each other's right to their own religion or lack thereof.
(Small sample)

And people wonder why we still need the Americans with Disabilities Act!

It's a sad state of affairs when people still think they can dismiss the disabled so outrageously, especially when they're disagreeing with one of the most intelligent people on the face of the planet.

Sure, so his premise is going to cause some disagreement, but if you can't debate him on the issues (and, lets be honest here, unless you're well versed in quantum physics, you ain't gonna have much of a chance of that) don't resort to trying to dismiss him because he's disabled.

If anything, it just makes you look even worse in your own mind, because it means by default that you yourself have been bested mentally by someone you think you should be superior to.

Just sayin'

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