Friday, September 10, 2010

I am ...

... so fucking PISSED right now.

How did we get so far out of control that the population is not only dumber than a bucket of wet hair any more, but they're happy in their blithe ignorance?

Are people so fucking lazy any more they don't even want to think for themselves, and are content to have their minds sucked out by mass media?

We're losing control over what America is.  Fear and ignorance and doubt have the country running around like headless chickens, willing to grasp at any straw for relief, willing to blame anyone set up before them without blinking.

There are times when I truly come close to crying at the state of America.  We can't even be sure that what we think we know is what we actually know any more, or if we've been warped into a particular path by some clever psychological trickery on TV.

People are scared because the country is unstable.  When people can't be sure they'll have a job tomorrow, can't be sure they'll have a house tomorrow, can't be sure they can afford to eat tomorrow, and yes, can't be sure they won't risk dying tomorrow, they have lost control.  No-one handles that well.  It becomes natural to lash out at someone, something, in order to try and regain some semblance of control, even if illusionary.

And that gets exploited by others for their own agenda.

Why do the majority seem unable to resist this?  Are people really so desperate now that they will allow themselves to be led by the nose by anyone who sounds good on TV, or some bimbo running a website?

If the loss of control because the world is so unstable now is such a blow to people's self-esteems they have to lash out at the nearest convenient target, what will happen to their self-esteem if they realize that people are grabbing hold of that ring in their nose and pointing them at a target for someone else's agenda?

If people start waking up to how they've been manipulated, it's going to lead to an emotional meltdown that will make the economic meltdown look like a minor overdraft.

The alternative is scarier.  If people start realizing how they've been manipulated and used, their shame might lead them into remaining in that state, in denial or making like ostriches.  Then the cycle won't be broken.

How do we get people to think for themselves again?

Is it too late to stop the decline?

Just sayin'

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